Soitec unveils its strategy for 2026 and its target to triple its revenue

  • Soitec estimates that the size of its addressable markets will increase 2.5‑fold by fiscal year 2025-2026.
  • Market growth will be driven by multiple waves of technological change that will shape a more connected, energy-efficient and smarter world.
  • At the heart of these changes, Soitec is targeting to triple its revenue over the next five years and to deliver an Electronics[1] EBITDA[2] margin of around 35%.
  • Soitec reiterates its commitment to make sustainable development a central part of its value creation strategy.

[1] Electronics EBITDA margin = EBITDA from continuing operations divided by revenue.

[2] EBITDA represents operating income (EBIT) before depreciation, amortization, non-monetary items related to share-based payments, and changes in impairment of current assets and provisions, and excludes income on asset disposals. EBITDA is an alternative, non-IFRS performance indicator used to measure the Group’s ability to generate cash from its operating activities. EBITDA is not defined by an IFRS standard and must not be considered an alternative to any other financial indicator.

Paul Boudre, Soitec’s Chief Executive Officer:

“As a recognized key technology player in the semiconductor industry, Soitec is ideally placed to capitalize on a new phase of unprecedented technological change that will continue to revolutionize applications, both home and industrial, personal and professional. Thanks to our early-stage involvement in roadmaps for the development of new electronic equipment and applications, Soitec is increasingly instrumental in the design of these products, which allows us to create whole ecosystems based on the use of our engineered substrates.

This model obviously gives us a clear view of the growth outlook for our addressable markets, and especially of the decisive role that our substrates are playing in driving the burgeoning momentum in our end markets, whether it be mobile communications, automotive and industry, or smart devices. In light of the increasing number of applications and ever larger material foortprint for each product and application, we are confident in the ability of our organization to scale up further over the next five years. We are targeting to triple our revenue over this period, while growing our EBITDA margin by more than four percentage points. Our solid financial position also gives us the means to expand our production capacities to keep pace with this growth push.

Lastly, we are determined that this process of value creation will be part of our wider sustainability strategy at all levels of our organization. Thanks to products that offer ever greater energy efficiency, Soitec is directly supporting the transition to a more sustainable business model, which is increasingly demanded by our customers and by society as a whole. We are intent on creating an inclusive organization that is capable of attracting, developing and retaining top talent, and on nurturing long-lasting, mutually beneficial relations with all of our stakeholders.”

Soitec will host its Capital Markets Day as a virtual conference today in English at 2:00 p.m. Paris time. You can access the livestream or a replay at the following address:

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