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Soitec products include engineered substrates, most notably silicon-on-insulator (SOI) based on our proprietary Smart Cut technology, addressing the full range of applications for electronics markets.

Automobile and Smart industry

With more than 15 years experience in applications ranging from automotive to industrial, Soitec products address demands for high reliability, high-voltage operation and integration. Our innovations and partnerships will enable autonomous and safer cars as well as smarter and better connected factories.

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For Processor & connectivity SoC

To continue the pace of technology advancement, the Digital-SOI substrates line enables the best power, performance and cost for processors in mobile, IOT, consumer, automotive and networking markets at 28nm, 22nm and beyond.

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For RF Front-end Module

At the heart of every smartphone, the RF-SOI substrates product line enables the best RF performance, integration and cost for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-A and WiFi front-end modules in mobile communications markets.

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For Smart Power ICs

For more than 15 years in mid- to high-voltage applications, the Power-SOI substrates product line enables the best reliability, energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mixed-signal ICs for automotive and industrial markets.

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For Optical Transceivers

With the increase of mobile cloud traffic, the Photonics-SOI substrates product line enables silicon-based optical transceivers allowing high data rates and cost-effective optical transmissions for next generation data centers and telecommunication networks.

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Market-changing innovation has always been the pathway to success at Soitec, beginning with
our initial breakthrough – Smart Cut™ technology – extending through Smart Stacking™ and
our compound semiconductor and high-mobility materials epitaxy expertises. Our technology toolbox enables us to produce engineered substrates, consisting of multi-layer materials, by transferring any thin film materials on the top of any other materials while maintaining the initial crystallographic properties.

Our engineered substrates enable Soitec to address the performance, energy-efficiency and cost-efficiency requirements of electronics devices.

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Soitec’s SOI and other engineered substrates provide the foundation for manufacturing the low-power, high-performance, high-reliability and cost-effective semiconductor devices required by the electronics industry.

100 % of smartphones based on Soitec RF-SOI technology
100 %
of smartphones based on Soitec RF-SOI technology
20 Billion RF IC based on Soitec RF-SOI wafers
20 Billion
RF IC based on Soitec RF-SOI wafers
6 Billion chips in automobiles based on Soitec Power-SOI wafers
6 Billion
chips in automobiles based on Soitec Power-SOI wafers
50 Billion device opportunities for the internet of things
50 Billion
device opportunities for the internet of things

Every product and process we deliver is designed to enable our customers’ electronic systems to achieve higher power efficiency, better connectivity, and enhanced speed at a competitive cost.

We create value in electronics for everyday use.

Consumer Mobile and IOT

To respond to always connected user’s stringent requirements for longer battery life, faster processing, increased data rates and lower cost, Soitec's engineered substrates enable chip makers to improve their device performance and stay ahead of the fast-paced mobile consumer electronics and Internet of Things markets.

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Networking and Big Data

The increase in mobile cloud traffic and broader access to computing power from virtually anywhere have spurred demand for high-bandwidth data exchange and faster communication speeds. Soitec provides market-leading engineered substrates to support the development and manufacturing of electronic devices with increased computing power.