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Smart Partially Depleted (PD) Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology addresses the need for highly efficient and reliable electronics, processors, interfaces, converters, and memories used in High Performance Computing (HPC) systems and Cloud infrastructures.

Smart PD-SOI product line enables customers to improve, increase and integrate a growing range of High-Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities and functionalities in servers, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructures, as well as advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) hardware in multiple architectures.

PD-SOI is used for High Performance Computing encompassing servers, AI infrastructure, ERP hardware

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Today’s ICs integrate more and more functions:

  • computing (microprocessor unit, image signal processor, digital signal processor, etc.)
  • interfaces (USB, FireWire, Ethernet, receiver/transmitter,etc.)
  • analog (analog to digital converter, digital to analog converter, voltage regulator, power management, phase-locked loop)
  • memory (read only memory, random access memory, programmable ROM , flash memory)

PD-SOI and FinFET-SOI are products dedicated to high-performance computing:

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Smart PD-SOI

For years PD-SOI was Soitec’s mainstream product for microprocessors and gaming products.
Now it is used primarily in addressing cloud computing markets for technology nodes from 45nm to 22nm.

Typical wafer characteristics:

- Top layer thickness: 880
- Top layer uniformity: +/-25Å
- Buried oxide layer: 1450Å - 1900Å
- Available in 300mm

Smart FinFET-SOI

FinFET-SOI addresses advanced technology nodes (typ. 14nm) using 3D FinFET devices for ultra-high-performance applications such as cloud computing.
The Buried oxide layer (BOX) represents a natural etch stop layer to implement easy and straightforward FinFET integration schemes.

Typical wafer characteristics:

- Top layer thickness: 425
- Top layer uniformity: +/-15Å
- Buried oxide layer: 1900Å
- Available in 300mm

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PD transistor view


Electronics not only must deliver performance to ensure the required functionality, but also need to be more and more power efficient.

On the server level, more efficient computing is needed as cloud computing grows to represent a larger proportion of the world’s electricity consumption. Already available on the market, SOI-PD structure demonstrates its benefits on large volume servers.