Soitec RF enhanced Signal Integrity substrates for LTE and LTE-Advanced front-end module ICs.

Soitec’s RFeSI-SOI wafers incorporate an innovative material (a trap-rich layer) between the high-resistivity handle wafer and the buried oxide (BOx), which significantly improves the RF performance of the finished ICs manufactured on these wafers.

Soitec RFeSI-SOI wafers bring added performance compared to HR-SOI: 

  • Better linearity
  • Lower RF losses
  • Lower crosstalk
  • Improved quality factors for passives
  • Smaller die size
  • Higher thermal conductivity

See Soitec white paper on RF-SOI substrates

On RFeSI products, Soitec measures the harmonic quality factor (HQF), a parameter that correlates with the second harmonic attenuation (HD2) of a coplanar waveguide.  

This helps to ensure the substrate’s RF performance. 

See Soitec white paper on RF-SOI Wafer Characterization 

Soitec offers a range of RFeSI products to match your need.
Today we have released RFeSI80 and RFeSI90 products.

Typical Soitec RFeSI wafers include:

  • Compatibility with LTE and LTE Advanced specifications 
  • 50nm to 200nm top silicon layer produced using Soitec’ Smart Cut technology
  • Soitec’s Trap-rich layer
  • Base wafer resistivity over 3 KOhm.cm
  • 200mm and 300mm wafers
  • HQF below -80dBm