Piezoelectric expertise



Soitec develops engineering substrates using piezoelectric materials. Those advanced piezoelectric substrates are used today for acoustic devices* (sensors, filters).

Soitec is traditionally working with advanced labs to get a better understanding of substrate and device interactions (UCL, CEA-Leti, Fraunhofer,....). In the domain of piezo materials, Soitec has been working with frec|n|sys, a French start-up specialized in designing, building and characterizing of acoustic wave based filters and sensors for harsh environments.

In October 2017, Soitec acquired frec|n|sys. On top of growing frec|n|sys current activities, Soitec expects to accelerate the development and test of engineered substrates adapted for acoustic wave filter devices in the front-end module as well as play a bigger role in developing materials for sensors.

*Acoustic wave devices have been in commercial use for over 70 years, and their most common use is in the telecommunications industry as filters for signal processing applications. Recently, however, interest in acoustic wave devices for sensing applications has risen greatly due to their low cost, reliability, sensitivity, flexibility to measure many phenomena, and mature technology.