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Our RF Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology drives innovation of power amplifiers for 5G infrastructure base stations and smartphones.

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Our Connect RF-GaN substrate product line leverages our Gallium Nitride (GaN) wafer technology to increase the high-frequency system efficiency and power density of next generation sub 6 and mmWave-band cellular 5G infrastructures and mobile devices.

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Connect GaN epitaxial wafers – bringing innovation to 5G technology and networks

Today RF GaN technology offers significant benefits in 5G network applications such as high-frequency and size-constraint small cells. There is a clear added value of GaN vs standard GaAs or Si-technologies when it comes to higher system efficiencies, power density, size reductions and lower current consumption. Low-voltage GaN technology can even address today’s sub 6 and mmW band power devices in 5G smartphones.

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Soitec’s RF GaN product family consists of state-of-the-art (In,Al)N/GaN and(Al,Ga)N/GaN hetero epitaxial layer structures deposited crack-free on up to 200mm (111) high-resistance Si or 150mm semi-insulating SiC substrate for RF applications. We offer optimized layer structures addressing sub6 and mmW 5G bands. Customization of the layer structure designs is available on request.

Our proprietary high-voltage buffer is Fe-free and offers high breakdown voltage, low trapping effects and RF losses and a consistently low wafer bow.