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Our Piezoelectric-on-Insulator (POI) engineered substrates address the needs for high performance and increasingly complex 5G radiofrequency filters in smartphones and other devices

Our Connect - POI engineered substrates product portfolio allows to manufacture high performance surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter components that improves the efficiency of RF FE modules operating in sub-6Ghz spectrum.

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Connect - POI Substrates

Soitec Connect - POI engineered substrates enable the design of filters with high quality factor, large bandwidth, very low temperature sensitivity and low insertion loss with a simple device manufacturing technology. They also provide the capability to integrate multiple filters on the same die and to address the requirements of all frequency bands in sub-6GHz spectrum.

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Soitec Connect - POI engineered substrates are built using SMART CUT™ technology which allows to provide a thin uniform layer of monocrystal piezo material.

The POI substrate is made of three layers: a piezoelectric material, a buried oxide and a silicon layer. The buried oxide selects and guides only high velocity waves, allowing to limit the losses and to ensure a very high signal selectivity. It also keeps the piezo material constrained against temperature variations, ensuring outstanding frequency stability when temperature changes.


Available in 150mm wafer

Piezo material: Lithium Tantalate (LiTaO3)

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Soitec develops engineered substrates using piezoelectric materials. Those advanced piezoelectric substrates are used today for acoustic devices: sensors, filters.

Soitec is traditionally working with advanced labs to get a better understanding of substrate and device interactions (UCL, CEA-Leti, Fraunhofer). In the domain of piezoelectric materials, Soitec is working with frec|n|sys, its affiliate acquired in 2017 and specialized in designing, building and in characterization of acoustic wave based components.