Our Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology helps to achieve new levels of switching efficiencies and frequencies and thereby reducing overall system level cost of automotive and industrial power management systems.

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Our Auto Power-GaN product line sets new standards for the next generation of efficient vehicle and industrial power switching systems, raising power density, reducing power consumption, system size, cooling requirements as well as overall cost.

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Auto GaN epitaxial wafers – enabling technology for next-generation energy-efficient power management systems

GaN based power switching devices offer higher power density and significantly reduced losses even at highest switching frequencies compared to conventional Si- based technology. At system level, those benefits translate into a reduction in size, lower power consumption, less cooling requirements and overall lower cost.

Soitec’s GaN epitaxial wafer technology enables innovation at the device level to meet the requirements of next generation power management applications for consumer, automotive and industrial markets.

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Our GaN epitaxial wafers for power management applications are complex (Al,Ga)N multi-layer structures grown epitaxially by metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) on large diameter 200mm (111) silicon substrates.

Optimized high-voltage buffer designs for 200V and 650V applications are available that offer low leakage currents, high breakdown voltage, low dispersion and a consistently low wafer bow.

Soitec offers standard d-mode HEMT structures with in-situ SiN passivation or GaN caps and standard e-mode structures with p-GaN caps.

A variety of cap and barrier combinations can be supported for differentiation, including an in-situ SiN surface passivation resulting in excellent device performance and robustness.