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AUTO FD SOI 718 x 380 px EN AUTO FD SOI 718 x 380 px EN

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With Moore's law slowing down, FD-SOI engineered substrates can bring differentiating solutions that exceed megatrends requirement.


FD-SOI is an ideal technology for automotive radar and processors. The FD-SOI combines the performance of advanced RF technologies with the energy efficiency of the advanced CMOS technologies, providing an ideal platform for SOC integration. Its unique value proposition includes robust operation against ageing with adaptive body-biasing control. This helps to meet the strict ppm requirements in automotive and industrial.

The application level advantages of FD-SOI are:

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FD-SOI exhibits outstanding reliability figures for automotive and aerospace applications, up to 100X improvement in soft error rates.

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Energy Efficiency

FD-SOI outperforms Bulk and Finfet technologies in terms of energy efficiency at a given technology node.

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Stable PA output

Using FD-SOI, the power amplifier (PA) for automotive radar exhibits stable power output with better efficiency over the full temperature range (-40°C to 150°C ).

improvement in soft error rate
better energy efficiency
< 1dBm
Minimum PA variation

FD-SOI substrate relies on two primary innovations:

  • Firstly, an ultra-thin layer of insulator, called the buried oxide, is positioned on top of the base silicon.
  • Secondly, a ultra-thin top silicon layer is used to form the transistor channel.

The ultra-thin film FD-SOI architecture enables transistors to operate in fully depleted mode, offering an “electrical Shrink-on-Chip” solution while simplifying the manufacturing process.

Soitec FD-SOI wafers characteristics are:

  • 12nm to 15nm top silicon layer
  • 15 to 25nm BOX layer
  • 300 mm wafer
  • Atomistic uniformity and roughness
  • Low defectivity

FD-SOI technology provides the optimal balance between digital performance, mixed-signal compatibility, power consumption and cost.

Soitec produces FD-SOI wafers for technology nodes from 65nm down to 12nm, enabling ultra-low-power features, unique cost/performance tradeoff, high-reliability and high-performance-mixed signal integration for a wide range of applications.