Soitec accelerates its recruitment plan to support its growth momentum

Bernin (Grenoble), France, April 3 , 2018 — Soitec, a world leader in designing and manufacturing innovative semiconductor materials for the electronics industry, has announced its goal of hiring 200 new staff in 2018 at its facility located close to Grenoble in the French Alps. In parallel, 100 new hires are planned in Singapore and at its other international subsidiaries. Launched to sustain the company’s growth momentum, this campaign is linked to a business transformation program, backed up by its new corporate brand.

These new hires will involve the full spectrum of jobs at the company. Multiple internships and work-study programs also will be offered, together with VIE (Volunteer for International Experience) assignments at its Singapore subsidiary.

The primary goal of the recruitment plan is to enrich our teams by bringing in new staff with complementary expertise gained in different environments, as well as increasing our workforce’s diversity in terms of its skills, culture and personalities,” said Pascal Lobry, Soitec’s executive vice president, human resources. “The fresh perspective brought by our new employees will be extremely valuable,” he added.

To join Soitec is to work for a company with over 1,000 employees in a fast-growing area of the economy serving global markets. It also is an opportunity to contribute to the changing face of the electronics industry by working on advanced technology products that add real value to everyday electronic items such as smart phones, cars and other connected devices. Lastly, it provides a chance to work for an organization renowned for the quality of the relations between its employees. Soitec values the responsibility of teams and autonomy and offers employees an array of opportunities to gain advancement and experience.

An authentic employer brand

Over the past year, Soitec has enhanced its employer brand to improve its visibility and raise the profile of the successes it has achieved in the past few years in its different locations around the world. With this aim in mind, the company is working to build an authentic, personal and tangible image based around experiences gained at Soitec.

The goal is to attract applicants with profiles best suited to the jobs to be filled and to improve the selection processes. The project has various components:

  • The company is building up a larger presence on social media, which are gaining in popularity every day.
  • A more empathetic and practical approach is adopted for job offers – presenting the business lines, the everyday reality of the working environment, job roles and the target profiles – while highlighting the importance placed on personal attributes and relational skills.
  • Participation by Soitec’s employees helps to bring the employer brand to life. They are given a platform to voice their views about the company in a series of video interviews.

A major transformation plan

In January 2015, Soitec embarked on a major change in its strategy, and it has now fully refocused on its original business of microelectronics. This refocusing drive has been accompanied by a radical shift in how the company operates, led by the management team. This change of approach is embodied in Soitec’s transformation plan and its cultural,
managerial and digital components.

The transformation plan reviews how the company operates to make it more streamlined and agile and to give all its employees greater freedom and empowerment to take action. For example, groups of employees have redesigned the annual review process, contributed to the company’s target organization and created communications regarding gender balance to fight against related stereotypes.

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About Soitec: Soitec (Euronext, Tech 40 Paris) is a world leader in designing and manufacturing innovative semiconductor materials. The company uses its unique technologies and semiconductor expertise to serve the electronics market. With more than 3,000 patents worldwide, Soitec’s strategy is based on disruptive innovation to answer its customers’ needs for high performance, energy efficiency and cost competitiveness. Soitec has manufacturing facilities, R&D centers and offices in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

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