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Soitec plays a key role in the microelectronics industry. It designs and manufactures innovative semiconductor materials. These substrates are then patterned and cut into chips to make circuits for electronic components. Soitec offers unique and competitive solutions for miniaturizing chips, improving their performance and reducing their energy usage.

In meeting the technical and economic challenges of mainstream electronics, Soitec is helping to speed up the mobile and digital revolutions. Its products are used to manufacture chips that go into smart phones, tablets, computers, IT servers and data centers as well as electronic components in cars, connected devices, and industrial and medical equipment.

Soitec's technologies, projects and industrial capacity make it one of the crown jewels of France's industrial sector. The company was founded 25 years ago in Grenoble's high-tech ecosystem and now has a presence throughout the world.


90 %
of the revenue abroad
12,7 %
of the revenue allocated to R&D
manufacturing fabs
1 750
> 3,500
73 %
of managers, engineers, and technicians
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Soitec has been a publicly traded company (Euronext, Paris) since 1999. Its management team is headed by Paul Boudre. Its board of directors consists of four committees (strategic, audit, compensation and nominations, sensitive strategic issues) and an internal control system managed by the finance division.

Soitec QHSE Policy
QHSE Policy

Since Soitec was founded, we have always adhered to the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, environmental compliance and energy management.

Innovation soitec

Thanks to our cutting-edge technologies, we design semiconductor materials that are world-renowned for the advances that they provide in the electronic components field.

Partenariats soitec

Soitec is developing a number of local and global partnerships with top research labs and universities, industrial leaders, professional groups, and early-stage silicon-based incubators.

Rapport rse
Corporate Social Responsibility

Soitec is integrating its CSR strategy fully into its business. Decisions and reflections are guided by this commitment to achieve a more sustainable and more equitable world.