Soitec Publication1
14 avril 2016
RFeSI product characterization 300mm

Découvrez le livre blanc sur la caractérisation des substrats de RF-SOI.

Soitec Publication2
3 novembre 2013
Innovative RF-SOI Wafers for Wireless Applications

This paper explains the value of using RF-SOI substrates and what the latest generation of Soitec Wave SOI™ (Soitec eSI™) brings to RF IC performance while simplifying the IC manufacturing process in order to address the mainstream smart phone market.

Screen Shot2259
1 août 2012
Innovative wafers for energy-efficient CMOS technology

For continued attractiveness and competitiveness of advanced electronic appliances such as smartphones, TVs, notebooks or tablets, the semiconductor industry is moving to “fully depleted” transistor technology to build integrated circuits.

Screen Shot2260
5 février 2012
Planar fully depleted silicon technology to design competitive SOC at 28nm and beyond

This document considers the challenges to obtain competitive silicon technology for the upcoming generation of System-On-Chip ICs. It suggests planar fully depleted technology deserves serious interest.