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Dec. 26, 2011Soitec Buys Equipment Maker Altatech Semiconductor
[Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design]

Dec. 18, 2011Video "The Durban Deal" (Focus on Soitec: 15:15)
[Energy Now]

Dec. 17, 2011Concentration acceleration: Soitec's San Diego factory deal is latest in flurry of CPV advances

Dec. 16, 2011Governor Brown to Attend Soitec Dedication
[Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.]

 Soitec To Invest $150 Million In California Solar-Panel Factory
[Wall Street Journal]

 Soitec Acquires San Diego Fab for CPV Production
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community]

 Concentrix solar panels the centre of attention in San Diego
[Compound Semiconductor]

 Soitec acquires Rancho Bernardo manufacturing site for CPV module production
[Semiconductor Today]

 French solar panel maker opens San Diego factory
[Bloomberg BusinessWeek]

 Soitec buys $150m solar panel production facility in US
[Electronics Weekly]

 Soitec invests $150 million in California solar module factory

 CPV Outlook 2012: The Only Way to Go is Up

Dec. 13, 2011Installing 12kW solar power system just got easier, says Soitec
[Electronics Weekly]

 Soitec introduces portable CPV mini-tracker
[Semiconductor Today]

 Soitec launches Sunidarity initiative with donation of Plug&Sun CPV mini-tracker to three development aid organizations
[Semiconductor Today]

Dec. 12, 2011Results from leading semiconductor companies demonstrate the advantages of planar FD-SOI technology over bulk-silicon CMOS
[SOI Industry Consortium]

Dec. 10, 2011Video interview of Paul Boudre, COO of Soitec: "Has SOIs time finally come?"
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design]

 Video interview of Steve Longoria, Senior Vice President of Soitec: "The end of CMOS"
[System-Level Design]

Dec. 09, 2011South Africa earmarks CPV for 50MW solar plant

 Presidential inauguration of COP17 solar flagship legacy project
[Compound Semiconductor]

 South Africas first CPV plant inaugurated as COP17 solar flagship legacy project
[Semiconductor Today]

Dec. 08, 2011Soitecs 50MW CPV system approved by South African government

Dec. 05, 2011IBM Sees Performance from FD-SOI Transistors
[Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design]

Nov. 28, 2011CPV Intelligence Brief 1729 November 2011
[PV Insider]

 Soitec 500KW CPV system commissioned for UN climate change conference in South Africa

 CPV Will Help Power Global Climate Talks

Nov. 27, 2011Worlds most famous street goes green for the holidays

Nov. 16, 2011Soitec sets up Fresnel lens JV with Reflexite

 Soitec, Reflexite join forces to manufacture CPV lens plates

 Soitec and Reflexite Energy Solutions Enter Joint CPV Venture
[Solar Novus Today]

 Solar Summit Freiburg 2011: Trends in PV
[Solar Novus Today]

Nov. 15, 2011Euro Nanoelectronics Forum: Fully depleted SOI on a par with finfet at 20nm
[Electronics Weekly]

Nov. 14, 2011Soitec receives regulatory approval for 155MW of Californian power purchase agreements
[Semiconductor Today]

 Soitec gets PPA approval for 155 MW of solar in California
[Renewable Energy Focus]

 CPV: Can it be a solar trend setter?
[PV Insider]

Nov. 11, 2011Soitec Receives PPA Approval for California CPV Projects
[Solar Novus Today]

 CPUC Approves Five CPV Power Purchase Agreements
[Solar Industry Mag]

Nov. 10, 2011The era of fully-depleted devices
[ElectroIQ / Solid State Technology]

Nov. 02, 2011Transistor Wars
[IEEE Spectrum]

Oct. 28, 2011Solar Light Flashes: SPI 2011 Edition

Oct. 19, 2011ARM Challenges future Intel Atoms: 20nm Cortex-A15 From TSMC
[Bright Side of News]

Oct. 12, 2011CPV market starts to gain momentum
[Compound Semiconductor]

Sep. 11, 2011Semiconductor Rumors: 14nm Node and 450mm Wafers by 2015
[Bright Side Of News]

Sep. 06, 2011CPV: Industry reaches new heights in multi-junction cell efficiency
[PV Insider]

Sep. 01, 2011NXP Announces First-Ever Best Supplier Awards

Aug. 31, 2011CPV: Hansjrg Lerchenmller, Dr. Andreas Bett, Dr. Klaus-Dieter Rasch nominated for German Future Prize

Aug. 30, 2011Multijunction III-V solar cells nominated for German Future Prize
[Compound Semiconductor]

 Planar versus FinFET Debate Continues at GTC 2011
[Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design]

Aug. 26, 2011What can you do with 45nm SOI? A lot, it turns out
[EDA360 Insider]

Aug. 23, 2011CPV- A natural fit for MENAs hybrid projects
[PV Insider]

Aug. 10, 2011Soitec's extreme SOI: Scalable below 14nm

Aug. 08, 2011Tracking the CPV Global Market: Ready to Fulfill Its Potential?
[Renewable Energy World Magazine]

Jul. 25, 2011What will it take for utilities to love CPV?
By and large, utilities have yet to warm to CPV despite its potential benefits. Is San Diego Gas & Electric onto something as it courts the technology?
[PV Insider]

Jul. 22, 2011Novellus Sees Three-Dimensional Future
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community]

 Intersolar NA 2011 short takes: Cutting trail across the photovoltaic value-chain terrain

 Solar-powered success
[Engineering News Online]

Jul. 20, 2011CA and the 100MW+ CPV market
Hansjorg Lerchenmuller, SVP, solar customer group, interviewed at Intersolar North America 2011

Jul. 19, 2011The next transistor: planar, fins, and SOI at 22 nm

 Concentrated Photovoltaic Collection at Soitec
Interview from Clark Crawford, General Manager Business Devlopment North America
[Engineering TV]

Jul. 18, 2011Soitec Raises More Than $100M for CPV
[Greentech Solar]

Jul. 15, 2011Intersolar NA: leading CPV players for SolarPV.TV

Jul. 14, 2011Intersolar North America 2011 TV
Intersolar TV offers insight into Intersolar's special focuses and the dedicated areas of Intersolar North America 2011, including reports, background information and statements.

Jul. 12, 2011IC Knowledge's Cost Modeling of Semiconductor Manufacturing Shows Fully Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator Technology to be the Most Cost-effective Approach at the 22nm Node
[IC Knowledge]

Jul. 11, 2011EV Group Unveils Industry's First Wafer Bonding System for 450mm Silicon-On-Insulator Semiconductor Wafers
[EV Group]

 Doug Neugold Named SEMI Chairman; Miller and Tong Elected to SEMI International Board

Jul. 07, 2011Wafers Ready for Fully Depleted SOI *****Need to register to view article (free of charge)*****
[Future Fab International]

Jul. 06, 2011New Southwest Factories to Make Advanced Solar Panels, but Will They Transform Sun Power?

Jun. 27, 2011SOI Consortium Sure of FD-SOI Wafer Supply
[Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design]

 Concentrated Photovoltaic: Positioning for Explosive Growth

Jun. 17, 2011Soitec and Schneider to integrate CPV technology in Morocco
[Compound Semiconductor]

Jun. 16, 2011Soitec, Schneider Electric and Masen form first partnership under Mediterranean Solar Plan
[Semiconductor Today]

May. 20, 2011Soitec grows CPV footprint amid DOE loan worries

May. 19, 2011SDG&E and Soitec sign CPV contracts worth 125 MW
[pv magazine]

May. 18, 2011SDG&E Serious About CPV: Utility Adds 125 MW PPA
[Greentech Media]

 SDG&E Lines Up More Solar Power
[San Diego Business Journal]

 SDG&E Buying 125 Megawatts of Soitecs Concentrated Solar Power

 SDG&E, Soitec Solar sign two more PPAs for another 125MW in CPV power plants

 SDG&E bringing more solar farms to county

 SDG&E, Soitec Add 2 Local Solar Sites

May. 10, 2011Forum sur l'Energie, Grenoble
Interview of Jean Miyeli, Solar project engineer (FR)
[Grenoble Ecobiz]

Apr. 21, 2011Chevron mines solar energy at tailings dump

Apr. 19, 2011Chevron Starts Operations of 1 MW CPV Solar Field in Northern New Mexico

 Solar Sell: Soitec CEO Argues Case for its Advanced Solar Technology in San Diego

 Inauguration de la centrale solaire avec Chevron
Interview from Andr-Jacques Auberton-Herv, Soitec's CEO

Apr. 13, 2011More solar farms coming to San Diego County

 San Diego, Soitec Sign CPV Contracts
[Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design]

 San Diego Gas & Electric, Soitec to build 30MW portfolio

 French Firm Soitec Provides CPV Solar Near San Diego
[Solar Novus Today]

Apr. 11, 2011Le dveloppement de la filire solaire
Nelly Kernevez, Partnership Director, interviewed by Cleantech Republic (FR)

Apr. 04, 2011Discover CPV
A coverage from the French TV TlGrenoble (FR)

Mar. 10, 2011Soitec Gains CPV Module Foothold in Imperial Valley
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community]

 Soitec wins big solar power contract in US

 Big desert solar farm means big factory in S.D.
[San Diego Union-Tribune]

 Tenaska selects Concentrix for 150MW San Diego CPV project
[Semiconductor Today]

 Soitec CPV technology to power Tenaskas 150MW ISEC West solar plant

 Soitec signs 150MW concentrated PV utility deal

 SDG&E Signs Renewable Power Contract With Tenaska Project That Will Use Locally Produced Solar Modules
[Tenaska Energy]

Feb. 23, 2011A photovoltaic oasis
French version: L'oasis photovoltaque

Feb. 15, 2011FD-SOI Technology Promises Power Advantages for Next-Generation Apps
[Mobile Dev & Design]

Feb. 14, 2011Chenming Hu Welcomes FinFET vs. UTB-SOI Race
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design]

 SOI Consortium unveils FD-SOI results based on ARM processor

Feb. 10, 2011SOI Industry Consortium announces FD-SOI technology offers substantial power advantages for next-generation mobile and consumer applications
[SOI Industry Consortium]

 Fans of New Chip-Making Style Hope to Step Out Soon
[The Wall Street Journal]

 SOI group moves on mobile front
[EE Times]

Jan. 20, 2011Concentrated PV shows Middle Eastern promise

Jan. 18, 2011Concentrix system in Jordan confirms CPVs readiness for large-scale deployment in hot, arid regions
[Semiconductor Today]

 Lead story: Soitec CPV system in Jordan delivers excellent results
[CPV Today]

Jan. 17, 2011Soitecs CPV system in Jordan delivers impressive early results
[PV-Tech International]

 Soitecs CPV System Connected to Jordan's Grid is Excellent
[Compound Semiconductor]