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Our Smart Cut™ Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology helps to enhance the performance and intelligence of 3D image sensing used in Internet of Things (IoT), consumer devices, automotive, drone and industrial applications.

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Our Smart Imager SOI product line enhances the pixel performance in Near Infrared (NIR) sensors and helps improve the performance, functionalities, and cost profile of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and facial-recognition security systems and applications.

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3D image sensing

3D sensors to revolution imaging for consumer, automotive, drones and industrial applications

A new world of advanced human/machine interface is emerging leading to brand new applications such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and facial-recognition security systems.

3D cameras are the backbone of this revolution.

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CMOS Image sensors adapted to Near Infrared (NIR) by design

At NIR wavelength, CMOS image sensor still represents the most viable solution to address mass market applications despite the relative transparency of Silicon to photons. In comparison, compound (like InGaAs) or Quantum Dot solutions represent more expensive and less mature solutions.

Nevertheless, because of this transparency of silicon in infrared, several technics co-exist to increase the pixel sensitivity:

  • Deep Trench Insulator (DTI) to isolate pixel from its neighbors
  • SOI pixel substrate for light trapping
  • Back-scattering techniques to increase the distance of light in silicon
  • Pixel depth increase

Advanced Stacking Technologies with Smart Cut™ SOI
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The 3D integration has demonstrated significant advantages:

  • Higher Performance and Density

  • Higher Functionality

  • Smaller Form Factor

  • Cost reduction

  • Enabling optimized partitioning

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Available in 300mm

Top silicon from 12nm to 500nm

BOX from 15nm to 145nm

Key advantages of SOI for 3D-stacking


Single die imager

•All blocks in the same process node

•Higher footprint

•Not optimized cost


3D-stacked imager

•Innovative partitioning and enhanced density

•More functionality into the same footprint

•Small Form Factor

•Cost reduction with optimized process node

For 3D-stacked imager the SmartCut™ technology allows multiple die stacking either by:

Bonding SOI wafers and using BOX as an etch stop layer at backgrinding step

Transferring a mono-crystalline layer on top of patterned wafers