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Your smartphone relies on RF-SOI to provide high quality Front-End Module and fast connections

Our RF-SOI substrates bring RF performance to front-end module devices and are key to supporting 3G, 4G/LTE, LTE-Advanced and future network (5G) requirements enabling faster and more reliable data transmissions.

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Over the years, we have moved from simple text messages to live video transmission over our smartphones. Tomorrow with 5G, increased data speed will allow also vehicle to vehicle communication, virtual reality, smart home and more.

The front-end module plays a key role in reaching these performance levels.

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Carrying your data at very high frequency

Smartphones are integrating very diverse functions including radio emission and reception, digital processing, memory, audio, battery management, camera and display.
The front-end module enables RF signal transmission and reception between a cellular phone and a base station.

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Each generation requires more devices and higher performance in the front-end module.
Because RF-SOI can bring better linearity and insertion loss at the best cost/performance trade-off, it enables higher data speeds, longer battery life and fewer dropped calls.

100% of smartphones based on Soitec RF-SOI technology
of smartphones based on Soitec RF-SOI technology
20 Billion RF IC based on Soitec RF-SOI wafers
20 Billion
RF IC based on Soitec RF-SOI wafers


Our RF-SOI products have become a standard of the industry.

They are produced in high-volume manufacturing to manufacture ICs for RF front-end modules while matching chip makers’ cost and performance requirements.

Our substrates enable high RF performance on silicon films compatible with standard CMOS processes, high linearity RF isolation and power signals, low RF loss, digital processing and power management integration.

Our product roadmap addresses the full spectrum of different performance requirements.

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Soitec RFeSI

For devices with stringent linearity specifications.

RFeSI is our mainstream product line and typically targets LTE-Advanced and 5G specifications and addresses different performance requirements.

A Trap Rich layer is added below the buried oxide to provide outstanding RF performances.

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Soitec iFEM-SOI

For cost sensitive highly integrated devices.

Our iFEM-SOI substrate is particularly well suited to Wi-Fi, IoT and other consumer applications specifications.

A simplified Trap Rich layer allows for a trade-off between performances and RFIC total cost of ownership.

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Soitec HR-SOI

For devices with lower linearity specifications.

HR-SOI products typically target 2G and 3G specifications.