Soitec announces the addition of piezoelectric-on-insulator (POI) substrate capacity to meet increasing demand for 4G/5G RF filters

POI brings combined performance and integration to smartphones’ 4G and 5G filters for mass markets
Le POI permet aux filtres des smartphones 4G et 5G d’allier performance et intégration à l’échelle industrielle

Bernin, France, September 13th, 2019 — Soitec (Euronext Paris), an industry leader in designing and manufacturing innovative semiconductor materials announced today that it is increasing production capacity of its piezoelectric-on-insulator (POI) substrate to meet growing customer demand.

POI is an innovative substrate manufactured thanks to Soitec’s proprietary Smart CutTM technology. At its foundation lies a high resistivity silicon substrate, complemented by a buried oxide layer and a very thin and uniform layer of a mono-crystal piezo material on top.

4G and 5G networks are using an increasing number of frequency bands to enable high speed data transmission. As a result, smartphones must integrate a higher number of filters with enhanced performance to ensure signal integrity and reliable communication.

Our POI engineered substrates, designed to build the latest generation of 4G/5G Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters, offer built-in temperature compensation and allow the integration of multiple filters on a single die” said Dr. Bernard Aspar, Senior Executive Vice President of Soitec’s Global Business Units. “The unique value brought by our POI engineered substrates is recognized by our customers and today we are increasing production capacity in our Bernin 3 wafer fabrication plant to meet this demand”.

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Soitec (Euronext Paris) is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing innovative semiconductor materials. The company uses its unique technologies and semiconductor expertise to serve the electronics markets. With more than 3,500 patents worldwide, Soitec’s strategy is based on disruptive innovation to answer its customers’ needs for high performance, energy efficiency and cost competitiveness. Soitec has manufacturing facilities, R&D centers and offices in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

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