EpiGaN becomes Soitec Belgium N.V. and strengthens Soitec’s portfolio beyond silicon for both 5G RF and power systems

Bernin (Grenoble), France, July 1st, 2020 – Soitec (Euronext Paris), an industry leader in designing and manufacturing innovative semiconductor materials, announced today EpiGaN’s name change. Soitec’s GaN business unit acquired a year ago consolidates the company’s portfolio of engineered substrates for RF and power markets.

GaN reinforces Soitec’s portfolio beyond silicon

With EpiGaN’s acquisition in May 2019, Soitec confirmed its ambition to further extend its portfolio beyond silicon. GaN technologies which are gaining significant traction in RF and power markets, represent a natural strategic fit with Soitec’s current portfolio of engineered substrates. Targeting the base stations power amplifiers market in the first place, Soitec also aims to penetrate the smartphones and power automotive markets with GaN products later on. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of silicon and non-silicon based engineered substrates, Soitec is well-positioned to support 5G deployment which is expected to be a strong growth lever. Operating as one of the company’s business units for over a year now and benefiting from Soitec’s global manufacturing footprint and exposure, the EpiGaN BU is offering its customers access to a worldwide sales and support team network.

“EpiGaN’s extensive and widely acknowledged expertise complements Soitec’s portfolio beyond our current SOI and POI product portfolio and creates new value-added solutions for both 5G RF and power systems”, said Dr. Bernard Aspar, Senior Executive Vice President of Soitec’s Global Business Units. “We have already achieved many synergies on the business, technology and operations sides”.

EpiGaN has become Soitec Belgium

The integration of the business unit has gone one step further last month with a name change. Since June 1st, 2020, EpiGaN N.V has changed its name to Soitec Belgium N.V. and has embraced Soitec’s visual identity, allowing the BU to fully reap the benefits of the Group's ecosystem.

“EpiGaN’s advanced expertise in GaN has been enhanced by Soitec’s notoriety, giving the BU and its customers access to the Group’s manufacturing scale and expertise”, said Dr. Marianne Germain, EpiGaN Business Unit General Manager.

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