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Since Soitec inception, our SOI products have evolved to become mainstream solutions for mass consumer electronics ─ including mobile, IoT, automotive and industrial applications ─ and from specific products to standard solutions. Every product we deliver is designed to enable our customers’ electronic systems to achieve higher power efficiency, better connectivity and enhanced speed at a competitive cost.

With strong adoption of SOI and other engineered substrate products (based on silicon and other materials) in major consumer markets, Soitec is entering into a new era. These changes and evolutions call for a new look that embraces the coming age and all its challenges.

Our new logo represents our vision to gather the electronics ecosystem around a unique standard. With a pictogram representing wafers inside the name, it embodies our commitment to our customers, employees and shareholders.

While the new logo’s blue and black are our historic colors – referencing Soitec’s 25 years of experience as well as innovation, quality, trust and commitment – they also represent mass consumer markets. Green symbolizes mobility, vitality and the energy efficiency that our technology delivers.

At Soitec, we remain committed to creating the innovations, products and partnerships that benefit the industry we serve. Our new brand identity reflects those aspirations. We are excited to share it with you.