Soitec hosts its 2019 Capital Markets Day

  • Soitec continues to expand its engineered substrates portfolio from SOI products to new products (POI, GaN)
  • Soitec products served addressable markets (SAM) are expected to reach US$ 2.1 to 2.9 billion market within 5 years[1]
  • At full capacity, estimated sales would reach € 1.4 billion with an EBITDA2 margin3 at 32% of sales
  • Mid-term financial outlook: FY’22 sales of around € 900 million with an EBITDA2 margin3 at around 31% of sales
  • In addition, Soitec technologies open new business opportunities in compound semiconductors with a SAM above $ 1.0 billion within 5 years

The slide presentation related to the event will be available on Soitec’s website today (13th June, 2019) at 1.30pm together with a live audiocast of the event:

The event will take place from 1.30pm to 6.00pm.

[1] Soitec market estimates

[2] The EBITDA represents the current operating income (EBIT) before depreciation, amortization, non-monetary items related to share-based payments, and changes in provisions on current assets and provisions for risks and contingencies, excluding income on asset disposals. The impact in equity of the first time application of IFRS 15 is included in EBITDA. This alternative indicator of performance is a non-IFRS quantitative measure used to measure the company’s ability to generate cash from its operating activities. EBITDA is not defined by an IFRS standard and must not be considered an alternative to any other financial indicator.

[3] Electronics EBITDA margin = EBITDA from continuing operations / Sales.

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