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22 déc. 2010Why 3D-IC conversion resembles the bipolar-CMOS shift
[Electro IQ]

20 déc. 2010CPV market is tipped for take-off
[Compound Semiconductor]

16 déc. 2010The Big Question: What Does the Future Hold for Concentrating PV?
Considering the short term of one to three years, what technology advances may be expected in the CPV sector? What conversion efficiencies might be achieved and costs/kW installed reached? And what, if any, are the technical and investment barriers which must be overcome in order to achieve these forecasts?
[Renewable Energy World]

15 déc. 2010Progress on two key issues for CPV: Volume production and cell efficiency
[PV Manufacturing, Issue #11]

08 déc. 2010Concentrator Photovoltaic Technology: Leading the Solar Energy Revolution *****Need to register to view article (free of charge)*****
Delivering low-cost electricity from large solar farms in sunny-region countries, through very-high- efficiency photovoltaic systems.
[Future Photovoltaics]

 Bonded SOI wafer claims higher mobility
[Electronics Weekly]

07 déc. 2010Peregrine and Soitec announce bonded SOS substrate for RFICs
[Semiconductor Today]

 Peregrine & Soitec To Soar With SOS Development
[Compound Semiconductor]

06 déc. 2010Soitec and Sumitomo target GaN at LEDs
[Electronics Weekly]

02 déc. 2010Collaboration aims to ease widespread use of GaN substrates
[New Electronics]

30 nov. 2010Soitec, Sumitomo to develop GaN substrates
[EE Times]

22 nov. 2010Concentrated PV market "ready for take-off"

12 nov. 2010Studies under way for 50-MW Western Cape solar park
[Engineering News]

11 nov. 2010Concentrator Photovoltaics Technology has Reached Commercialization
[European Photovoltaic Industry Association]

10 nov. 2010weVISION: Breaking the 50% Solar PV efficiency barrier... with Hansjörg Lerchenmüller of Soitec Concentrix Solar *****Need to register to view video (free of charge)*****
In this interview with Hansjörg Lerchenmüller of Soitec Concentrix Solar, we explore where they are today. How CPV differs from conventional photovoltaics and Concentrated Thermal Solar. We also examine how they plan to break the 50% efficiency barrier. Then we switch over and discuss the commercial aspects of it. After all, there are plenty of great lab solar efficiency results that were not manufacturable or did not fully commercialize. Is CPV technology real? Is anyone buying it? Can they scale it to the utility level? Have they put it in the field?

03 nov. 2010Concentrating on solar
[Solar Power Engineering]

27 oct. 2010IEDM preview: Multi-threshold-voltage flexibility in FDSOI
[Solid State Technology]

26 oct. 2010French technology is taking a lead in SOI process technology
[Electronics Weekly]

20 oct. 2010Concentrix Solar to present its concentrator PV system

19 oct. 2010PODCAST: Chevron, Johnson Controls, and the US Southwest: Soitec Concentrix describes their CPV future
[Photovoltaics World]

14 oct. 2010JCI To Develop Concentrator Photovoltaic Power Plants

 Concentrix and JC plan utility-scale CPV projects
[StrategyEye Cleantech]

11 oct. 2010Johnson Controls Announces Global Alliance With Concentrix Solar, Division of Soitec
[Johnson Controls Inc.]

 Soitec signs solar deal with Johnson Controls

 Soitec allies with Johnson Controls for utility-scale PV projects
[Semiconductor Today]

 Johnson Controls Partners with CPV Company

 Concentrix Solar, Johnson Controls partner to develop utility-scale concentrator PV facilities
[New Energy World]

 Johnson Controls expands solar strategy

14 sep. 2010CPV system maker Concentrix Solar joins Transgreen Initiative
[Semiconductor Today]

02 sep. 2010Photovoltaic firm opens its first SA power facility

 Safari lodge's concentrated photovoltaic plant could be precursor to 50-MW project
[Engineering News]

30 aoû. 2010Aquila Private Game Reserve introduces solar power
[Tourism Update Online]

26 aoû. 2010The shape of things to come
[System-Level Design]

12 aoû. 2010Special Feature: interview of Hansjörg Lerchenmüller, CEO of Concentrix Solar
[Global Solar Technology - Volume 3, Number 7, July/August 2010]

04 aoû. 2010SOI's long and winding road: Are we there yet?
[EE Times]

28 jui. 2010Concentrator photovoltaics: a mature technology for solar power plants
[Photovoltaics World]

18 jui. 2010Intersolar North America 2010: Fishing from the bank, selective emitters, bankable CPV, and more
[Photovoltaics International]

15 jui. 2010Video interview: Paul Boudre, Soitec's COO, discusses performance and design roadblocks for mobile app system on chip (SoC). Wafer manufacturing with buried oxide technology is an enabling technology
[Solid State Technology]

13 jui. 2010Concentrix Solar expands in US, targets utility-scale cPV solar power (including a video interview of Hansjörg Lerchenmüller, CEO of Concentrix Solar)
[Photovoltaics World]

 SolFocus, Concentrix Keep Pushing CPV Forward
[Greentech Media]

 Video interview: Concentrix Solar CEO Hansjörg Lerchenmüller talks with Graham Jesmer about the company's CPV technology and the progress that that market is expected to make in the next five years
[Renewable Energy World]

12 jui. 2010André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé nommé Président du Conseil de SEMI Europe

 Soitec Fully Depleted (FD) Platform for Mobile Devices
[Chip Design]

01 jun. 2010Soitec se positionne sur l'efficacité énergétique
[revue : ElectroniqueS, auteur : Pascal Coutance]

07 mai. 2010Concentrix Solar CEO says "we must grow even faster over next two years"
[CPV Today]

21 avr. 2010A Big Bet on Solar Technology

16 mar. 2010Soitec supplies SOI substrates to foundry CSMC
[EE Times]

 SOITEC to supply CSMC
[EuroAsia Semiconductor]

 CSMC using SOI wafers from Soitec for high voltage IC applications

 China has a need for SOI, says Soitec
[Electronics Weekly]

01 mar. 2010Concentrix Solar wins deal of the year
[M & A Deals]

26 fév. 2010Chips set to have new ingredients
[The Irish Times]

23 fév. 2010Chevron to Build 1MW Solar Facility at Questa Mine
[Yahoo! Finance]

17 fév. 2010Soitec enters production with high-resistivity SOI substrate

05 fév. 2010TowerJazz teams with Soitec on BSI platform development

02 fév. 2010TowerJazz, Soitec team on backside illumination
[EE Times]

 Soitec signs foundry deal to use SOI technology in image sensors
[Electronics Weekly]

 Materials team with fabricators for illumination
[Compute Scotland]

29 jan. 2010Concentrix Solar’s modules gain IEC certification
[NewNet News]

 Entretien avec André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé, PDG de Soitec
[Le Revenu]

28 jan. 2010Concentrix Solar’s CPV modules get IEC certification
[PV Tech]

 Concentrix wins IEC certification for new CX-75 CPV module
[Semiconductor Today]

26 jan. 2010Interview: André-Jacques Auberton Hervé, président de Soitec, confirme les avantages de la technologie SOI
[Le Revenu TV]

18 jan. 2010Soitec predicts 15% growth in H2
[EE Times]

12 jan. 2010Monitoring the CPV market: Hansjörg Lerchenmüller, CEO of Concentrix Solar, offers insight on large installations
[CPV Today]