Smart Stacking™

Soitec Smart Stacking layer transfer technology for processed wafers

Smart Stacking is a wafer-to-wafer technology platform that enables very thin layers of partially or fully processed wafers to be transferred onto other wafers. It is supported by decades of substrate engineering expertise and a strong IP portfolio.

At Soitec, we have developed industry-leading wafer-stacking expertise that enables us to provide our customers with a service that is unique on the market.

Soitec’s Smart Stacking technology entails transferring thin wafer-level layers onto other substrates. The technology can be rolled out in a high-throughput, high-quality manufacturing environment. The pillars of the technology are:

This scalable technology is suitable for wafer diameters of 150mm to 300mm and is compatible with various wafer types (Si, glass, fused silica, and sapphire).

Smart Stacking was developed by a team with proven experience in pioneering materials research and high-volume production. Thanks to Soitec's expertise in the industrialization of new technologies, Smart Stacking technology is now up and running in a fully-automated, high-volume production environment.

One of the earliest applications of Smart Stacking was back-side-illuminated (BSI) image sensors, where it helps manufactures deliver increased sensitivity and smaller pixel size. Smart Stacking is also leveraged to dramatically improve the performance of RF products, and is opening new doors to future RF and 3D-integration applications.

The process accommodates a very wide range of customer specifications and evolving product design requirements.

Smart Stacking advantages: