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Leading the solar energy revolution with Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) technology

Climate change and increasingly scarce fossil fuel supplies have sparked renewed interest in renewable energy sources. Solar energy is currently by far the most promising and sustainable renewable energy; rolling out photovoltaic systems that offer both performance and competitive energy prices is today a crucial energy issue.

Concentrix technology has made Soitec one of the world's leading providers of CPV systems. Soitec CPV modules based on Concentrix technology achieve efficiencies of 31,8%, which is twice the efficiency of conventional photovoltaic modules.

Concentrix technology is the most competitive solution for areas with high Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI) like the North and South of Africa, the Middle East, Australia, part of South America and the Southwestern United States. Soitec CPV systems have already been installed in 18 countries, where their dual-axis tracking systems ensure high energy yields throughout the day.

Soitec CPV modules offer efficiencies of 31,8%.

Soitec provides CPV systems and modules for utility-scale solar power plants. In addition Soitec offers the up to 3,4 kWp turnkey solar solution Plug&Sun to produce and store electricity on off-grid sites. With its expertise in terms of project development, project financing and operation & maintenance, Soitec is a capable partner to support solar energy projects.

The company is currently leveraging its strong portfolio of technologies to develop an innovative new generation of solar cells. Soitec's R&D teams have joined forces with world-renowned research labs to see this ambitious new project through to fruition, partnering with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, a center for expertise in III-IV materials-based solar cells; and CEA-Leti, a leading center for research in the field of semiconductor materials.