Specialty electronics

Soitec substrates for specialty electronics

When it comes to compound semiconductors, device manufacturers generally use proprietary designs — this is true across a broad range of applications. Soitec materials and multilayer substrates are tailored with atomic-layer precision to meet these specific design requirements. We combine compound epitaxy expertise with our Smart Cut™ technology to provide engineered substrates enabling advanced device structures for power and lighting applications.


Soitec has a long history of successful partnerships with key customers in the commercial telecommunications, military, and aerospace industries.

Soitec has the expertise and capability to provide wafers for your specialty electronics devices.

From development to volume manufacturing, Soitec has the experts, processes, technologies, and high-quality production environment to meet your specialty electronics substrate needs.

Soitec is at the forefront of emerging applications with a dedicated team of epitaxy experts capable of generating innovative epitaxial layers on different base substrates.

Soitec today offers GaAs and GaN wafers for specialty electronics device development and manufacturing.

GaAs Epi wafer solutions for

Our experts can help tailor these structures to meet your device requirements.

GaN Epi wafer solutions on various substrates

Soitec develops a full range of GaN HEMT structures on various substrates such as silicon, silicon carbide, and engineered substrates for high-power devices (HEMT) targeting high-power RF and discrete DC applications.

Our experts can help tailor these structures to meet your device requirements.

Smart Cut substrates

Bulk substrates are not optimal when it comes to meeting the requirements of GaN electronic and opto-electronic applications. Soitec’s Smart Cut technology, used in large-volume production environments for our SOI substrates, also enables us to offer engineered substrates specifically designed for compound semiconductor devices.