CPV systems

In January 2015, Soitec announced a strategic refocus on its core electronics business and its willingness to transition away from its solar energy activities, in compliance with its obligations towards all solar stakeholders. Please find more information in the "News"section of this website.

Soitec CPV optimized for utility-scale solar power plants

With a track record of almost 80 MWp installed in 28 countries around the globe, Soitec is a leading Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) modules and systems provider.

Vidéo - Soitec solar energyIn addition, Soitec offers services to support customers in project development,financing and operation and maintenance to optimize their utility-scale CPV power plant. Soitec’s CPV technology offers a number of advantages when used in locations with high Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI). Soitec CPV modules and systems achieve high efficiencies, allow for high power output during peak demand times, have a low environmental impact and do not require cooling water.

Soitec CPV is the result of more than 10 years of basic research and 9 years of industrial implementation. The field-tested and proven CPV modules are certified according to IEC and UL standards and are CEC listed.

Soitec manufactures CPV modules using proven and fully automated standard processes to ensure consistent high quality.