Digital SOI

Soitec Silicon-On-Insulator products

Soitec's Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) wafers cover the full range of applications for microelectronics markets. Our Smart Cut™ wafer manufacturing technology gives us the flexibility to tailor SOI substrates to meet your most demanding design specifications.

Soitec has 20 years of expertise in developing SOI and other engineered substrate solutions for high volume manufacturing. 

We offer a range of SOI wafer diameters with a variety parameters for each layer, from initial material properties to top and buried-layer thicknesses. The precision and accuracy of our thin-film uniformity meets or beats the industry's most rigorous requirements.  We can also give you expert support to help tailor SOI wafer specifications to your device and manufacturing requirements.  

SOI range

Soitec offers several product lines to address specific applications:

Our SOI products are currently used in many mainstream electronic applications, such as:

In addition, SOI structures are key for the emerging field of silicon photonics. Leading Soitec customers are developing photonic integrated circuits, in which light is channeled through waveguides etched in the SOI films.  All the components — modulators, multiplexers, filters, and other key optical elements — can be integrated on SOI wafers.

SOI wafers consist of a layer of single crystalline silicon that is insulated from a support or “handle” wafer by a layer of amorphous SiO2. They significantly improve the performance and reduce the power consumption of electronic circuits.