Stacking for RF

Layer transfer solutions using Soitec technologies

Soitec leverages a unique portfolio of technologies — including our Smart Cut™ and Smart Stacking™ technologies — and expertise in low-temperature direct wafer bonding and mechanical-chemical thinning to offer a wide range of layer transfer solutions to address customers’ specific needs.

Soitec has a long history of successful partnerships with key customers across a wide range of industries. We provide technologies suitable for advanced semiconductor applications like Back-Side Illuminated (BSI) image sensors, RF products, and 3D ICs.

From product development to delivery of prototyping up to high-volume manufacturing, Soitec has the capabilities to offer flexible 3D integration solutions. We have the expertise, the intellectual property, the processes, the technology, the equipment, and the capacity to offer solutions for a broad range of applications.

Layer transfer techniques apply to processed wafer stacking and engineered substrates.

Processed wafer stacking

Our Smart Stacking technology is used for applications like:

Engineered substrates

Soitec can provide various engineered bonded structures on different type of wafers (including engineered BSOI, bonded SOS, and BSOI with doped buried layer).

Custom offering

From development to manufacturing, Soitec offers a full range of custom layer-transfer services using our layer-transfer technologies.