Mobile & Consumer

Mobile and consumer market applications

To stay ahead of the fast-paced mobile and consumer electronics markets, device developers and manufacturers must constantly strive to improve integration, energy-efficiency, and performance. To address environmental issues, today’s always-connected, go-anywhere consumer electronics must meet increasingly stringent energy-efficiency requirements. Soitec's substrate products and related technology help device developers and manufacturers respond to consumer demand for performance, long battery lifetimes for portable devices, and integration.

In mobile and consumer devices such as tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, flat panel displays, and gaming consoles, Soitec products are leveraged to provide key benefits.




Consumer electronics

Game consoles, PCs, TVs, Set top box processing


Digital processing

Analog and power


Image sensor

Mobile devices


Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices:

  • Digital processing
  • Imaging
  • Transmission


Image sensor


Analog and power

Whatever challenges you are facing, Soitec can help you find effective solutions:



Soitec products

Value proposition


Reduce system footprint & increase number of features

Lower power consumption & increase system performance

Soitec FD-2D

Soitec Premium SOI


Significantly  increased performance in the same power envelope

Much lower power consumption at the same  performance level

Better integration of new features


Provide better support for multiple frequency spectrums

Provide better integration for mobile devices

Allow for extremely low power consumption


Soitec Wave SOI

Bonded Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS)

Integration of an increased number of features or standards

Better performance

Lower power consumption

Optimal quality and performance


Integrate high- and low-voltage features

Improve reliability and prevent latch-up

Reduce power consumption

Soitec Smart Power SOI

Good resistance to high voltages and  high power

Operate at much higher temperatures

Integration of different device types

Image sensors

Improve sensitivity in low light

Increase number of pixels

Reduce die size

Lower costs

Soitec Imager SOI

Stacking for Imagers

Faster learning and ramp-up

Higher yield in volume production environments

Lower total cost of ownership

Improved quantum efficiency and sensitivity


Allow for standard CMOS integration

Improve reliability, size, control, and precision

Allow for scalability and reproducibility in high-volume production environments


Stacking for MEMS

Much greater design freedom

Integration with CMOS process

Improved precision, control, reliability, and performance, even at extreme temperatures

Improved yield, smaller package

Reduced cost