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Soitec solutions for the electronics market

Increasingly rich and diverse online content, enhanced mobility, and convergence between IT and communication are today key electronics-market growth drivers. These trends are here to stay, and their impact will stretch across virtually all industries. Materials and semiconductor makers must find ways to help the electronics market offer more energy-efficient green electronics with higher levels of performance. The semiconductor industry will also play a key role in emerging applications like power electronics and lighting.

Soitec's materials and processes have firmly positioned the company to help solve one of the electronics industry's biggest challenges: to provide increased performance on smaller, more mobile components that use less energy.

Power and performance

Electronic components made from Soitec SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator) wafers offer 50% better performance than their silicon-only (bulk) equivalents. SOI-based processors offer market-leading levels of performance for applications ranging from PCs to game consoles.


Incorporating even more features into electronic devices while extending battery life requires powerful yet energy-efficient components. Soitec products give electronic device designers the flexibility they need to deliver the features their customers want at a competitive price. Growing convergence between smartphones, tablets, and laptop PCs and the ever-increasing use of these and other mobile devices in places like homes, cars, and hospitals will continue to drive the boom in applications and the demand for even longer battery life.


Soitec's latest generation of products will help the industry overcome the main technological hurdles faced by sub-20nm microelectronics, guaranteeing that Moore's law of exponential growth of affordable integrated circuit transistor capacity continues well into the future.

Energy efficiency

Components made from Soitec SOI wafers use 50% less energy than traditional components. Therefore, Soitec products offer formidable opportunities to reduce the energy consumption in applications for electronics, lighting, and transportation -- resulting in massive reductions in CO2 emissions. Widespread use of SOI-based LED lamps would generate further energy savings of 60% to 70% for lighting.