Safety through continuous improvement, an OHSAS 18001-certified company

Soitec’s Grenoble, Freiburg and Paris Sud plants earned OHSAS 18001 safety certification. Launched in 2007, our Safe (SAfety For Everyone) occupational risk prevention program has led to significant reductions in workplace accidents.

Eliminating occupational injuries: a constant battle

Emergency response teams are ready to provide assistance 24 hours a day at our plants. Under the EU Seveso directive, our Grenoble plant must draft an emergency response plan, which includes regular accident drills. The plant also has a firefighting team on site at all times.

Keeping occupational injuries to a minimum is a top priority at Soitec. We have managers carry out regular field safety inspections; we systematically analyze dangerous situations; and we run awareness-raising and communication campaigns targeting our employees. Employees are also assessed on safety at their annual performance appraisals.