Human resources

Working at Soitec

Working at Soitec is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a dynamic high-tech company that develops, manufactures, and sells advanced materials for the electronics and energy industries.

Our aggressive innovation policy depends heavily on a highly-qualified R&D staff, which works closely with some of the world’s leading microelectronics labs. Our industrial applications department, which also works closely with our customers, ensures the successful integration of the technologies we develop.

Our human resources policy aims to support the growth of our organization worldwide while facilitating implementation of our continuous innovation and sustainable development strategies. We make sure that new hires receive effective orientation services, and we provide career development assistance and internal transfer and promotion opportunities.

Soitec is an attractive place to work. We are an equal-opportunity employer committed to diversity. Our HR policy includes programs targeting disabled and older workers and initiatives to advance gender equality in the workplace. Soitec has been an early adopter of several collective agreements on these issues.

Our goal is to make Soitec a friendly, relaxed place where people work together naturally. Our founding values guide our actions and decisions: