Diversity & Communities

Better together: Supporting diversity and local communities

At Soitec, we strongly believe that people can achieve more together than they can on their own. Teamwork is even one of our core values. We have set up proactive diversity and community outreach policies to facilitate employment for at-risk populations and to support education. More than just a policy, diversity is part of who we are at Soitec. Our employees — representing 30 different nationalities — are evidence of the multicultural richness that is one of our core strengths. However, we also engage in corporate sponsorship of the arts via a partnership with the local fine arts museum, the Musée de Grenoble, renowned for its world-class contemporary art collection.

Strong ties to the local community

Community outreach is one of our top priorities. Soitec has benefitted greatly from Grenoble’s high-tech ecosystem.

Soitec is also very involved for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. In this context, Soitec is a member of the French program “Nos quartiers ont des talents”.

Innovating for business and for the community

Soitec is known for innovation in business. We take the same approach to our community outreach programs. We don’t hesitate to hire workers without the “right” qualifications or workers with eclectic employment histories. Many of these “high-risk” recruitments have turned out to be great successes.

Many of our employment-related community initiatives are actually one step ahead of future legislation or go beyond the strict legal minimum. For example, when we signed our first agreement on the employment of disabled workers in 2000, we were the smallest business in France to make a public commitment to this issue before the law required us to.