Awards that reflect a history of achievements

Soitec is a rapidly-growing company with a history of achievements. We have earned the recognition of industry organizations, leading institutions, and our customers for our commitment to advancing new energy technologies and for our performance as a supplier of high-quality products. Here is an overview of the many awards Soitec has won since the company was founded.

Oct. 06, 2014Soitec receives Sonys Best Partnership Award for its support with RF-SOI substrates

Jun. 16, 2014Soitec receives the HR Initiative Award ("Prix de l'Initiative RH") for its actions to protect employment and skills.

Sep. 27, 2012Hansjrg Lerchenmller, Managing Director of the Soitec subsidiary Soitec Solar GmbH in Freiburg, Germany, receives the German Environmental Award 2012 (pdf)

Mar. 09, 2012Soitec Solar has won the german Award Jobmotor 2011

Feb. 13, 2012Soitec receives the Solar Power Generation Award 2012 in the category CPV (pdf)

Sep. 01, 2011Soitec receives the Best Supplier Front End Materials & Equipment award from NXP.

Jun. 23, 2011BoursoScan 2011: Soitec receives the Innovation Award

Dec. 01, 2010Business & Environment Awards: Soitec wins a prize in the "Innovation in eco-technology" category

Oct. 21, 2009Technology Fast 50: Concentrix Solar (now Soitec) was awarded the Rising Star 2009 by Deloitte.

Sep. 12, 2009Concentrix Solar (now Soitec) receives the Environment Prize of the city of Freiburg.

Jun. 11, 2009The GlobalFoundries Achievement Award goes to Soitec (pdf)

Apr. 02, 2009Weconomy: Concentrix Solar (now Soitec) is honored.

Jan. 19, 2008Rosenblatt New Energy Award: Concentrix Solar (now Soitec) was awarded the prize in the category Deal of the year

Jan. 19, 2008Innovation Award of the German Economy: Concentrix Solar (now Soitec) wins an award in the category of start-up companies.

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