Quality: Total customer satisfaction through effective management

Soitec has implemented an integrated Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment system to improve the company’s performance and secure long-term market leadership. Our QSHE management system is one of the pillars of our sustainable development strategy.

We are committed to providing the resources needed to effectively implement our QSHE system to:

Our QHSE system reflects our company’s values and ensures that our strategy and policy are rolled out effectively.

QHSE Policy

Our QSHE policy focuses on the following three pillars:


Soitec has implemented transversal processes to manage performance and ensure that our key activities are reliably carried out to the highest standards. Our processes are reviewed by top management on a regular basis. Improvements are made based on the reviews with the goal of maintaining excellent customer and stakeholder satisfaction. 

Product and technology development

Product design & development

Develop general product & process design

Product design freeze
Develop, integrate and freeze process Product and process qualification

Internal qualification of the production line

Product qualified by customer
Prototype granted by customer

Baseline defined
Unique process

Preliminary capability study

Ready for pre-launch
Product & process qualified

Ready for high volume manufacturing (HVM)

Product quality

To ensure that our production lines are running properly and that our products meet specifications, we have implemented quality-assurance tools and methods like failure analysis and statistical process control (SPC).

Quality organization

Our quality organization is based on locally-delegated quality management, thereby ensuring that the same high standards are met across the company.

Soitec certifications






Bernin ISO/TS 16949

Freiburg ISO 9001

Freiburg ISO 14001

Freiburg OHSAS 18001



Single semiconductor ISO 14001 (Bernin and Singapore)

Single semiconductor OHSAS 18001 (Bernin and Singapore)


Single semiconductor ISO 9001 (Bernin and Singapore)

Singapore ISO 14001

Singapore OHSAS 18001

Bernin OHSAS 18001


Bernin AEO  –  EICC


Singapore ISO 9001

Carbon Disclosure Project




Green partner Sony




Bernin ISO 14001



Bernin ISO 9001

Prototyping lines ISO 9001