Discover Soitec

The pillars of Soitecís corporate strategy

Soitec is a growth company. Our strategy hinges upon developing and industrializing new technologies and processes, which, when used alone or in combination, deliver decisive new levels of performance to the markets they target. Our business development strategy is built on three pillars:

Use our disruptive technologies to make products that become the new market standards

Soitec’s strategy is to rapidly penetrate new high-volume markets that typically have short production cycles and make our products tomorrow’s industry standards. To achieve this goal, we invest heavily in state-of-the art production facilities tailored to the markets we are targeting. We also have a highly-selective technology transfer policy based on licensing agreements with carefully-chosen industrial partners. Thanks to our licensing policy, Smart Cut™ SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator) based wafers represent over 80 percent (estimate) of the global SOI market.

Reach diverse markets likely to profit from our technological advances

Soitec products have applications on an increasingly diverse range of markets that include computers and gaming consoles; imagers; radio frequency components used in telephones, PCs and smartphones; on-board microelectronic components for the automotive industry; and concentrating photovoltaic solar panels.

We are also investing substantial resources to develop revolutionary materials for lighting and power electronics.

Regardless of the market, we focus our innovation efforts on differentiating technologies that add maximum value to end products.

Boost R&D through partnerships and shorten time-to-market

Soitec has developed a broad array of R&D partnerships with leading labs like CEA-Leti, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, UC Berkeley, and IMEC, as well as with our customers, many of whom are leaders in their industries. We are also active in industry organizations like competitive clusters, the SOI Industry Consortium, the CPV Consortium, Desertec and Medgrid.

Our goal is to leverage the synergies these partnerships generate to deliver breakthrough technologies that create new opportunities for our customers.